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Keyword Content Manager
The Keyword Content Manager allows you to choose and track your targeted keywords, it also allows you to enter the content needed in order for your website to rank well in search engines.

SEO Link Management

Website Link Management
Gaining inbound links to your website has never been easier. Gaining relevant inbound linkings using your targeted keywords allows your website to rank higher, faster, and easier than ever before.

SEO website monitoring

Website Monitoring
Get a new ranking report every 2 weeks. Also included is a link count report as well as a custom website activity report. The website activity report will show all transactions between our system and your website.

SEO website Plugins

Website Plugins / Addons
We offer various plugins to enhance your website. The plugins range from a custom blog, to information popup tabs. The use of the plugins require atleast the Free service level.








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Websites join in relevant categories. Similar to the DMOZ Project. TheyTry Now then are subjected to our in house staff for a thorough review process. Once accepted these relevant sites exchange links using multiple keywords and descriptions choosen by them and reviewed by an Search Engine Optimization professional for maximum exposure.

How Relevant Are You?

Search engines show results to searchers from how many relevant pages are indexed from websites like yours from across the web, you can only compete for keywords that you have pages indexed in the search engines. Most of the time people create pages on their website like CONTACT US or SERVICES maybe even PRODUCT=356 and then they try and stuff keywords in the meta tags and in the actual content of the page to gain rankings or favor from search engines. It is very easy to see that if you can add pages that are SEO KEYWORD DRIVEN then your page has more relevance from the start giving you an SEO Platform where you can add pages to your existing website or use the plugin as a Content Management System and create a website from scratch.

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